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10 Business Hacks to learn from Mom & Pop stores | PM's guide for E-commerce & Psychology

Consumer psychology fascinates us all especially the product managers. Learnings do come from all sides and seemingly trivial things we ever did, mould them. We all have been both con...

In psychology, Jun 12, 2022

Product Management in B2B & SaaS : Example case study on Enterprise users

Most of the existing content on Product Management is focussed around the B2C (business to consumer) model, targeting products for the end consumers. B2B i.e. Business to Business pro...

In cases, May 28, 2022

How to set Product Goals & Success Metrics | The Great PM Interview - Product Metrics

Setting product goals and success metrics is an art in product management. A product is successful only if it achieves its intended goals and product metrics. Defining and measuring t...

In interviews, Mar 19, 2022

Product Execution Problem : How to diagnose a Product Issue | The Great PM Interview - RCA

Product Execution Interview is highly relevant in the day to day execution job of a Product Manager. The problems given are analytical, strategy and goal focused.One such product exec...

In interviews, Jan 15, 2022

How to solve Product Design / Product Sense questions | The Great PM Interview - Product Case

Product design (a.k.a. Product sense) is the most common problem asked during PM interviews ( e.g. Google or Facebook / Meta Product Manager ). It should not be confused with the UI-U...

In interviews, Jul 09, 2021

How to build Customer Segments and Identify Users for Products ? - A Simple Guide to User Segmentation

“Who to build for?’’ is a paramount thought in a Product Manager’s mind as s/he confronts any goal or a problem statement. Early in the product discovery phase, Product Managers (PMs)...

In strategy, Jul 04, 2021

Product Prioritisation Steps - Impact & Empathy

Prioritization is a key skill in Product Management. It ensures that Product companies invest on most important products features and also build a space for innovation. It requires a ...

In strategy, Nov 03, 2019

Behavioral Psychology Hacks for PMs - Understanding Human Motivations and Inner-Drives

Behavioural models in humans have been extensively researched in psychology. The article describes some of them which can be used by Product Managers for building better products.

In psychology, Oct 25, 2019

Product review and recommendations - Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner Peer Insights is a platform developed by Gartner for ratings and reviews of enterprise technology solutions by end-user professionals for end-user professionals. It provides f...

In cases, Oct 24, 2019

Case study - Improve repeat rates (online pharmacy)

In matured businesses, Repeat rates are one of the biggest levers for growth. We must first understand and define “repeat rates” in the context the nature and state of the business. F...

In cases, Oct 24, 2019