How to Identify Fake Reviews on E-commerce sites ?

Tarun Tarun Connect Oct 24, 2019 · 1 min read
How to Identify Fake Reviews on E-commerce sites  ?
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Ever wondered if the reviews mentioned on Amazon, Flipkart are fake ? You are not alone as product companies too build algorithms to weed them out regularly. We have listed 8 key signs which can identify a fake review. These should help you save some time and money !

Reviews could very much fake if they -

  1. Have very less, fake or even no profile information (like only nick names, no purchase history)

  2. Have only opinions that are all-or-nothing in nature

  3. Multiple similar ones that are posted at the same time/day

  4. Don’t go into detail about the item concerned

  5. Are very short (e.g., “This is really good.”)

  6. Have extensive use of small, simpler and more commonly used words (e.g., ‘big’, ‘bad’, ‘good’)

  7. Have no personal data of the reviewer (no photo)

  8. Are by a reviewer who has reviewed only a particular seller or product

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