How to choose Colors for Websites / Apps?

Tarun Tarun Connect Oct 24, 2019 · 2 mins read
How to choose Colors for Websites / Apps?
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Colors have a very strong effect in evoking emotions in the human mind. Everyone has different favourites in colors but various trends could easily be identified across populations. Careers are built on colors and a Product Manager also can not spare himself from their understanding.

  • White - Trust, Purity
    White, the most famous backdrop color means purity, innocence and openness

  • Black - Power
    Black is used a very strong color which builds a sense of power with simplicity and elegance

  • Blue - Reliability
    Blue is a refreshing cool color used in designing for professionalism, trust and mass-appeal

  • Green - Eco-friendly
    Green is considered color of calmness and abundance of nature. It is relaxing and can balance the stronger emotions conveyed in texts

  • Purple - Faith
    Purple has been historically a rarer color affordable to wealthy and royals. It inspires imagination (romance) and affluence

  • Red - Caution, Attention
    Red usually raises caution, anger and should be avoided in interfaces where trust could be an issue

  • Yellow - Youth
    Bright shade of yellow evokes cheerfulness but can also look brazen. In less contrasting color schemes, a darker yellow can be very elegant

  • Orange - Vibrance, Vitality
    While it is widely used for natural or appetizing displays, it sometimes also represents generational changes. It commands attention by not being overbearing.

Regional variations - Ofcourse, there are regional variations one must be aware of while deciding the color palette. While western business world avoids Red, it is considered very auspicious in China and signifies prosperity. In India, red is traditionally feminine and in many cultures, red is strongly associated with communism. pink and yellow widely used for young generation

Color combinations - High contrast complementary colors like blue-yellow are widely recognized in new age digital interfaces (see flipkart) . Monochrome is commonly used where brand value is well understood and functional attributes take precedence. Neutral colors are used for elegance and emphasizing the core value or content.

“Black” in Tag Heuer website to target men blacknwhite

Do the red croissants look appetizing ? redfood

Blue emotes trust in payments paypal-payments

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